"[40] - Unauthorized user. Please contact your database manager" message


You may experience this error when using a database replica, as your current license (a user pack with less than 100 users) doesn't cover this. This doesn't apply if you replicate database on Local.


It is suggested that you run your database on local for a test purpose. Here are the steps:

1. Open Domino Designer and unhide "SwDeleteProfileDocuments" agent from agent view. Set properties as in the below image:

2. Go to Notes Client and run Database

3. In the "Actions" menu choose "SwDeleteProfileDocuments" :

4. Now, you need to activate licence again.You can copy the database using file system and in this case, you should be able to use it. Also, you can run (SwDeleteProfileDocuments) agent and then run "Activate license" action (on the "Templates" view) once again.

Note that this activation should be performed on a server.