Lotus Notes crash when inserting SwAttachments subform in the 6.5.4


When working in the 6.5.4 Domino Designer, inserting «SwAttachments» or «SwAttachmentsLayout» subform cause Notes client to crash with NSD error.


Following the description of the error on the Notes.net there are couple of threads stated that this problem is solved within the version 7 and it will be solved in one of the next 6.5.x releases:




To avoid the crash, do the following:

1. Open your db in designer 6.5.4

2. Before you copy “SwAttachments” subform, create a new (fake) subform with exactly the same name. This subform can be blank...no text, no fields...

3. Save and close subform

4. Open a form in which you need subform...insert it...save and close the Form

5. Delete or rename this fake subform

6. Paste the real “SwAttachments” subform from our database