How to apply multilingual support


Let's say you want to have English and Norwegian messages versions.


If you need multilingual support, you should modify “SW_IntOfficeMsg” function in the “SwIntfOfficeMsg” library.

Basically, we are using this function in our code to get all the messages defined in the "(Declarations)" section.

Here is an example on how to enable multilingual support.

  • In the “SwIntOfficeMsg” library (or anywhere else, where appropriate) create a global variable named, say, SwLanguage

  • This variable could be set to either "EN" or "NO"

  • Now, in the “SwIntOfficeMsg” library "(Declarations)" section rename all the constants to SW_IntOfficeMsgEN1,2, etc. and create new ones, named SW_IntOfficeMsgNO1,2, etc.

  • The next step would be to modify SW_IntOfficeMsg function. You will have something like this:

Function SW_IntOfficeMsg (MsgNo As Integer) As String
Select Case MsgNo
Case 1
    If SwLanguage = "EN" Then
        SW_IntOfficeMsg = SW_IntOfficeMsgEN1
        SW_IntOfficeMsg = SW_IntOfficeMsgNO1
    End If
Case 2
    If SwLanguage = "EN" Then
        SW_IntOfficeMsg = SW_IntOfficeMsgEN2
        SW_IntOfficeMsg = SW_IntOfficeMsgNO2
    End If

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