Release History

Version 5.30 (2018-Jan-30)

  • New: PDF Printer driver replaced with MS Word and Apache OpenOffice PDF export feature
  • Fix: Previously minimized Word instance stuck after Word document is created
  • Fix: Template list not visible in IE Edge
  • Fix: Lotus Notes menu visible when there are no available actions
  • Fix: Special characters in the name of the file to be attached to Template setup document cause error
  • Fix: MS Office does not exist message when using OpenOffice to save as PDF
  • Fix: Convert2PDF issue
  • Fix: When opening protected document with incorrect password, provide error description instead default error handler
  • Fix: Double-prompt for Save.
  • Fix: Missing OpenOffice reference in status display

Version 5.29 (2015-Mar-11)

  • Fix: Flat export to Excel - no multivalue export
  • Fix: [Web] - multivalue field to Word NR table adds empty rows
  • Fix: [Web] - NL separator not properly transferred
  • Fix: [PDF] - Office 2010 error when missing default PDF setup document
  • New: Office 2007+ updated Excel and Powerpoint creation of PDF
  • New code certificates

Version 5.28 (2013-Mar-11)

  • New : New certificate - Sign ActiveX and Templates
  • New : PDF - use PDF setup document options when MS Word conversion is used
  • Fix: Word bookmark data not transferred to Notes RTF field

Version 5.27 (2012-Dec-04)

  • Fix: Opening of document in read mode causes date fields to update
  • Fix: PDF printer - typo and xmllite existence verification
  • Fix: Reusable texts Search box - 5825 error
  • Fix: SW_GetAttFileName, unwanted chars at the output
  • Fix: [xPages] - Inability to open document from read mode
  • Fix: [xPages] - Minor issues

Version 5.26 (2012-Jun-01)

  • Fix: 182 - EXPORTASFIXEDFORMAT does not exist
  • Fix: Bad default View names in templates
  • Fix: Excel report template setup: tab Chart saving
  • Fix: Reusable texts changed due to Office 2010 missing common controls
  • Fix: SwDocumentLib - SW_ReprotectDoc when exiting document while word doc has header open
  • Fix: Win 7 - ActiveX control even installed cannot be initialized
  • Fix: XLTM Excel templates not working
  • Fix: [OOo] Error with a field in the field mapping that is not in the template setup document
  • Fix: [OOo] Mail Merge Error
  • Fix: [OOo] SwOpenOfficeLib - SW_SetOOCalcField 26 -213
  • New: Open Office - Modification of OO Mail Merge template in the sample database

Version 5.25 (2012-Jan-20)

  • Fix: Conflicting document never saved
  • Fix: Global variable with templates list to avoid errors when other Word add-ins break initialization of the SWING templates
  • Fix: Partially protected MS Office documents raise error
  • Fix: SW_ExtractFileToDisk 36 - 75: Path/fie access error - when opening lookup for fields in an already opened document

Version 5.24 (2011-Jul-14)

  • Fix: Conditional Texts - Bookmarks and fields are mixed together and bookmarks have "<>" in their names
  • Fix: Launch of the already created (but not saved) document give prompt that document is missing
  • Fix: PDF file gets the cryptic background name when choosing "Convert to PDF" action
  • Fix: Professional Letter template - missing Body field
  • Fix: UI document gets refreshed when open Word attachment is saved
  • Fix: Error 45-53 in Sw_AddAttachment when attaching existing document
  • Fix: [Learning center] Word 2007 - VBA 4120 - Parameter is incorrect
  • Fix: [Web] Mail Merge - Document Field selection fails
  • Fix: [Web] No icon when PDF document is attached. Attached type is OTHER.
  • Fix: [Web] View To Excel - unable to attach existing template after deleting the template file
  • Fix: [Web] Templates -> Word -> "Lease Agreement" need to change conditional text formula
  • New: [Web] Templates fine tuning

Version 5.23 (2011-Feb-07)

  • Fix: Attempt to access uninitialized dynamic array
  • Fix: Ctrl+S returns to the first page
  • Fix: Office 2010 64-bit - Word macros fix
  • Fix: Save to Notes menu always visible in Excel
  • Fix: Status line: "Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet"
  • Fix: Super_User installation of the Printer driver issues
  • Fix: TSD - Word - Conditional texts - if there is no bookmark in the document
  • Fix: Unable to have two attachments from the same document opened in read mode at the same time
  • Fix: [Web] Delete templates
  • New: [Web] Drag & drop attachment in Web browser
  • New: Refreshed comments on SWPDFLib
  • New: Renewed code signature for the Office VBA code

Version 5.22 (2010-Mar-09)

  • Fix: Cannot initialize templates if user have Remove Hidden Data (RHD) Tool installed
  • Fix: Lotus Notes 5.xx USEor USELSX problem
  • Fix: Lotus Notes USE or USELSX issue
  • Fix: [Web] Error when openning Templates created on the Web
  • Fix: [Web] ActiveX support for Firefox 3.6
  • Fix: Developer Guide - System Requirements

Version 5.20 (2009-Oct-19)

  • New: Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.1 supported
  • New: Microsoft Windows 7 supported
  • New: [Web] Microsoft Security Update (Oct. 09) compatibility resolved

Version 5.16 (2009-Jun-02)

  • Fix: Sw_MassPrintingEx - Requested object is not available
  • Fix: [Web] Closing Word document closes Excel document also
  • Fix: [Web] Multiple Mail Merge Permition denied and Requested object is not available error
  • New: [Web] Improved MS office 2007 document handling

Version 5.15 (2008-Dec-19)

  • New: Office 2007 new file types incl. template setup documents
  • New: Leftover separator characters in a MS Excel report type templates
  • Fix: Global constant correction
  • Fix: Activate license - a typo
  • Fix: Sample Database - Save as PDF error with OO template

Version 5.14 (2008-Oct-20)

  • Fix: Error when saving attached MM documents
  • Fix: Excel reports - multilanguage support
  • Fix: Export documents using predefined report leaves data in the Excel clipboard (Office 2007)
  • Fix: SW_XlTGetDocumentCharts Automation Error with Office 2007

Version 5.13 (2008-Sep-29)

  • Fix: Change in Excel flat documents export --> SW_XlExportDocsFlat
  • Fix: Change in Excel flat documents export --> SW_XlExportDocsFlatCat
  • Fix: Documents are always saved
  • Fix: Incomplete printout of large documents when using print dialog with SW_PrintDocument(FileName, True)
  • Fix: SW_AddAttachmentEx
  • Fix: SW_GetAttPosition not working

Version 5.12 (2008-Aug-20)

  • Fix: Error on creation of another mail merge document while previous one is opened
  • Fix: Error when closing two previously opened non Office documents
  • Fix: Save to Notes always visible
  • Fix: SW_OpenMailMergeBkg - wrong return value

Version 5.10 (2008-Jul-22)

  • Fix: Document assembly - Insert reusable text problem
  • Fix: Error generating charts with Office 2007
  • Fix: WEB - Templates Field Mapping Error
  • Fix: WinXP Office 2007 - Excel report chart creation error
  • Fix: interference with SnagIt in Office templates

Version 5.09 (2008-Jun-09)

  • Fix: SW_ConnectDataSourceWithMM
  • New: Allow to use "Use" statements in field mapping for LS code snippets
  • New: Edit document template on Web
  • New: Changes to SW_PrintOODoc function

Version 5.08 (2008-Feb-27)

  • Fix: OpenOffice - Data from bOpenOfficekmarks in OpenOffice was not transferred to Notes RTF field
  • Fix: OpenOffice - NL separator
  • Fix: OpenOffice - RTF to Notes error
  • Fix: OpenOffice - transfer from OpenOffice to Notes RTF field
  • Fix: PDF - activation problem
  • Fix: Template and ActiveX sign
  • Fix: Changes not preserved when first reading and then editing document
  • Fix: Track changes in Word when opening from web
  • New: **SwDoNothing** - if there is no value to transfer to Word field

Version 5.07 (2007-Aug-23)

  • Fix: PDF setup documents cannot be stored in another database
  • Fix: [Web] Charts are not displayed in popup dialogs if the site is not in the Local intranet or Trusted zones

Version 5.06 (2007-Jun-05)

  • Fix: Excel - number fields from Notes to Excel not properly formatted
  • Fix: [Web] - Open excel file, delete value in a cell - the change is not reflected in the Notes document

Version 5.05 (2007-Jan-10)

  • Fix: Quotation sample - error when MS Office is not installed
  • New: Meaningful messages when MS Office is not installed
  • New: Message "Please execute 'Activate license' action" can be modified

Version 5.03 (2006-Dec-19)

  • Fix: Setup Wizard error
  • Fix: SW_PrintMailMerge error in Word 2003

Version 5.02 (2006-Dec-12)

  • Fix: Error when printing to PDF - printer cannot be initialized
  • Fix: Unable to perform bi-directional field exchange in Excel

Version 5.00 (2006-Nov-29)

  • Initial Release 5