Undocumented functions

Undocumented functions are used for internal purposes and they can be modified within the versions (although not very likely).

These functions are called by published API functions. Of course, there are cases when these functions are solely helpful and can be used in code customization.

In addition, if you need to modify the functionality of those unpublished functions, purchasing the source code license will provide you with the open source and you will get the handle on the whole functionality of the product.

Language translation support

We are supporting language customization in terms of modifying two of the script libraries. Since this is the developers product, which can be integrated to whatever database, this seemed as the most practical way of achieving multilingual support.

These libraries (SwIntOfficeMsg and SwCoreMsg) need to be prohibited for design refreshes, but this is not a big problem, because those libraries are not updated very often anyway.

When they gets updated, these are usually just few lines of code, which we document and give guidance on what needs to be done in order to update your custom SwIntOfficeMsg and SwCoreMsg library.

Does your product require installation of DLLs?

No. In order to have SWING functionality you do not have to install DLL's or any other executables. We intentionally did not include this into our software because dlls need to be installed individually on each client machine and can introduce problems with new versions, new editions, installing new databases, etc.

Are there any macros added to Office?

Office global templates provide SWING VBA modules. Therefore, macros are installed in that respect.

Can SWING Integrator be implemented for Mac users?

Unfortunately, our software does not work in the Mac environment. We don't have any current plans to address this issue, but that could change in the future.

Can SWING Integrator work with IBM Domino attachment and object service (DAOS)?


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