"SwDocumentLib - SW_OpenMSWord 55-9999" message


The following error message appears:

SwDocumentLib - SW_OpenMSWord 55-9999; SwDocumentLib - SW-SETLANGUAGEPROPERTIESWORD ->25 SwDocumntLib - SW-RUNVBMACRO -> 9

213 - Microsord Word: Unable to run the specified Macro.


This error occurs if the macro security in MS Word is not set correctly.You can try any of the following:

1) Check whether you have SWING integrator template loaded in MS Word (Tools -> Templates and Add-ins).

2) There is a known issue with SnagIt screen capture software and SWING Integrator. If you have SnagIt installed on your computer, try downloading the latest version of Integrator (in which this issue is resolved) or uninstall SnagIt and check the functionality again.

3) Try enabling macros in MS Word:

(Office 2003 example ) 1. Go to Tools -> Options 2. On the Options form, click on Security tab 3. On the bottom of the Security form click on "Macro Security..." button 4. On newly opened Security window click on "Security Level" tab 5. Set "Medium" or "Low" radio buttons.

6. Click "Trusted Publishers" tab 7. Select "Trust all installed add-ins and templates" checkbox

8. Click OK and Restart MS Word