How to create Template database


I have installed SWING Integrator to a Lotus Notes database.

I want to be able to grab template documents from another database. What do I need to do to make that database source of template documents?


What you need to do is set SW_TemplateDbServer and SW_TemplateDbFilePath globals in the Document databases to point to the Template database (storage) on the server. You should set these variables for every database you need to get Templates for. You will find them in the "SW_IntOfficeMsg" script library.

Below is the description what you need to set to have proper template selection:

Template database:

which will have stored Template setup documents on the server in data directory.

In that database you should set globals:

SW_TemplateDbServer = ""

SW_TemplateDbFilePath = "”

No need for grabbing the templates for this database. So, just leave those two clear:

Point to document database (the one that will provide you with the forms to map the fields). This could be a mail database on server as this is used only for selecting forms and fields from it so ti actually correspondent with same forms and fields in users mail databases.

SW_DocumentsDbServer="" 'Use in templates database to point to document database server

SW_DocumentsDbFilePath = ""

'Use in templates database to point to documents database

Document database(s)

You need to set server and path to the Template database from where it will select templates

SW_TemplateDbServer = "" 'Use in documents database to point to templates database server

SW_TemplateDbFilePath = ""

'Use in documents database to point to templates database, relative to data directory (e.g. "IntOffice\MyTemplates.nsf")

' These globals stays clean as you do not need another document database

SW_DocumentsDbServer = ""

SW_DocumentsDbFilePath = ""

If you need to create Template setup document you need to set Document database path in the Template database (those variables could be changed programatically).