Release History

Version 1.91 (2022-Dec-07)

  • Issue with the bottom part of the attached email no showing in the exported PDF, has been resolved

Version 1.90 (2022-Sep-22)

  • Support for Cached Exchange Mode has been implemented.

Version 1.80 (2022-Feb-21)

  • A new setting for disabling the 'Send by Email' button has been added in the Settings popup.

Version 1.79 (2021-July-09)

  • An issue with email header printing has been resolved.

Version 1.78 (2020-Sep-09)

  • An issue with the email export failing when there the sender is not defined has been resolved.

Version 1.77 (2020-Aug-25)

  • Error parsing date 'm/dd/yyyy'

  • Culture ID 9 (0x0009) is a neutral culture; a region cannot be created from it

  • Add-in does not load when Outlook is reopened

Version 1.76 (2018-Feb-23)

  • Fix: Exception occurs on license activation

Version 1.75 (2018-Feb-14)

  • Fix: Meeting and Appointment item conversion improvement

  • Fix: Meeting and Appointment recipient formula values wrong

Version 1.74 (2018-Feb-07)

  • Fix: Meeting item PDF header contains ~SW_LABELNAME~ entries if no data is available.

Version 1.73 (2018-Feb-06)

  • Fix: Meeting status does not get updated

Version 1.72 (2018-Feb-05)

  • Fix: No visual clue in PDF showing that Meeting document has file attachments

Version 1.71 (2018-Jan-10)

  • Fix: PDF Settings and file name formulas can not be managed

Version 1.70 (2017-Dec-22)

  • New: Open log directory button in "General settings"

  • New: Improved activation validity check

  • New: Log server response in case of licensing error

  • New: Combine managed and user generated conversion profiles

Version 1.69 (2017-Dec-18)

  • New: Proxy setup in General Settings

  • New: MSI managed General Settings

  • New: Enable / Disable scheduled tasks

  • Fix: License activation - proxy support

Version 1.68 (2017-Dec-01)

  • Fix: Exception on reinstall

Version 1.67 (2017-Nov-16)

  • New: Improved license activation process

Version 1.66 (2017-Sep-20)

  • Fix: Save "Open PDF after conversion" setting

  • Fix: Blank conversion context dropdown when Outlook starts

Version 1.65 (2017-Mar-01)

  • Fix: ConfigurationErrorsException

Version 1.64 (2016-Dec-22)

  • Fix: Exception thrown if the Outlook explorer has been closed

Version 1.63 (2016-Nov-28)

  • Fix: Document selection context reloaded each time when selection changes

  • Fix: PDF documents with long file name (> 150 chars) can not be opened in PDF package

  • Fix: Single PDF option visible when multiple documents selected

Version 1.62 (2016-Nov-23)

  • Fix: MS Outlook crashes on application close (Outlook shuts down)

  • Fix: MS Word attachment conversion error

Version 1.61 (2016-Nov-03)

  • Fix: GetMailItemsAsString throws exception

  • New: COM calls optimization and object release

  • New: Plugin support

Version 1.60 (2016-Aug-29)

  • Fix: Default attachment name formulas in wrong format

  • Fix: [Attachments to disk]: CID images not displayed in PDF document

  • Fix: [Attachments to disk]: Directory path clean error

  • New: New default file name formula added

Version 1.59 (2016-Jul-29)

  • Bugfixes

Version 1.58 (2016-Jul-14)

  • New: Export attachments to disk

Version 1.57 (2015-Nov-18)

  • Fix: Bad margins on different page sizes

Version 1.56 (2015-Nov-16)

  • Fix: HTML reader viewport width not set to PDF document width

Version 1.55 (2015-Oct-16)

  • New : Add "Include subfolders" option when converting current folder

  • New : Microsoft Outlook 2007 support

Version 1.54 (2015-Sep-28)

  • Fix: Proxy default credentials

Version 1.53 (2015-Sep-18)

  • Fix: Installation, Outlook 2016

Version 1.52 (2015-Sep-16)

  • Fix: Conversion fails when no internet connection is available

  • Fix: Cancel ongoing conversion does not cancel task

Version 1.51 (2015-Aug-07)

  • Fix: Error when converting email with empty subject and attachments (convert and append)

  • Fix: Folder selection dialog slow or crashes

  • Fix: The format of The URI could not be determined error

Version 1.50 (2015-Jul-31)

  • New: Conversion of file attachments

  • New: Scheduled export

  • Fix: Invalid date format in Settings

Version 1.02 (2015-Jun-03)

  • Fix: Email attachments missing

Version 1.01 (2015-May-12)

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.00 (2015-Apr-15)

  • Initial version

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