Types of PDF output

Porter for Outlook creates three different types of PDF output, thus providing different ways in which your content can be organized for viewing or searching the emails later. Here is a description of each type of export.

Export to multiple PDF files

Multiple emails may be exported to individual PDF files which are stored on the hard drive. The PDF files are named according to a naming formula which can be defined in Porter's settings (e.g. "_.pdf").

Export to a PDF binder

An example of a PDF binder is shown in the below image (click on image for a bigger display). In the below example, all the emails were merged into a single PDF file while a PDF bookmarks view was also generated by replicating Outlook's folder structure.

The bookmarks view provides the ability view and navigate through your emails in PDF similarly as you do in Outlook.

Export to a PDF package

A PDF package is a single PDF file which functions as a container for multiple PDF documents and attachments. You can then browse through these files in your PDF reader, search them and even sort them by columns (such as date, subject etc.).

An example of a PDF package created by exporting several emails is shown in the below image (click the image for a bigger display). To view PDF package files you will need Adobe Reader (other PDF readers may not support display of PDF packages).

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