Porter actions

SWING Porter comes with 5 actions as shown in the below image.

Here is a description of each action:

1. Export button. Used to initiate a PDF export.

2. Conversion Profile. Allows the user to select one of the pre-defined conversion profiles that will be applied to the current export. A conversion profile consists of various settings (such as the PDF page margins, PDF/A compliance, metadata export, file naming rules etc.) which are applied during the PDF export.

3. Destination. Allows the user to select the location on the disk where the PDF files will be saved. Alternatively, the user may select the option to have the created PDF file(s) automatically attached to a new email message.

4. Settings. Allows the user to create/edit different conversion profiles.

5. Help. Provides help and product information as well as the option to change/update the product license.

An additional check-box is provided for opening the PDF file automatically after the conversion is completed.

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