Export a database

To begin the export process click on the SharePoint icon on the Seascape home page:

Next, select a database to be exported, the export settings, and the staging folder, and click Next to being your export:

A new window will appear showing the progress of your export.

Once the database is exported to the staging folder, click on the Upload to SharePoint button to open the SharePoint Upload Utility in a new window:

Here is a screenshot of the SharePoint Uploader:

You can now upload your archive either to a SharePoint library or a SharePoint list.

The PDF files generated during the export will be named using the document ID string by default. To have the files named using a different naming convention simply configure your PDF naming formula in the export settings. More info: Export Settings

You can also have Seascape generate a custom folder structure during the export, which will then be replicated in your SharePoint library too. For more information please see our article on Folder Formulas.

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