Upgrading Seascape for Notes (NSF)

Below are the instructions to upgrade your Seascape installation to a newer release.

1. Download the product version you are upgrading to (by using the download link provided by SWING Software) and extract the .nsf file from the ZIP package to an appropriate location.

2. Create a template file using the following steps:

  • Open the new Seascape.nsf file in your Lotus Notes client and enter your license key when prompted. If needed, restart the Notes client once.

  • Open the new Seascape.nsf file again, and navigate to the File > Application > New Copy menu (in Notes R7 and R6.5 this menu is found in File > Database > New Copy)

  • In the New Copy pop-up change the file extension to .ntf (see picture below). Also, in the the Server field enter the location of the server that stores the database that is being upgraded (select 'Local' if you are upgrading a local installation of Seascape:

  • Hit "OK" and the template will be created and shown in the Lotus Notes workspace.

3. Replace the design of the original Seascape database with the database template from step 2 using these steps:

  • Right click the Seascape database and select Application > Replace Design.

In the **Replace Database Design** window select the Seascape database template **(1)** and hit the **Replace** button (2):

4. After the template has been successfully replaced, open your Seascape database. Seascape will automatically detect that a newer version has been installed and will prompt you to refresh the required resource files saved on disk.

After you confirm the prompt, Seascape will update the resource files on the disk and ask you to restart your Notes client.

After a restart, the upgrade procedure has been completed and you can continue to use the product normally.

If you don't wish or need to save your Seascape settings while upgrading, then you can also perform a clean install by simply deleting the old Seascape.nsf file from your system and copying and installing a fresh copy.

Updating Seascape Web Archives

Learn how to update the generated web archives using the Seascape Archive Updater:

pageHow to update a Seascape archive

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