Database analysis tool

The Database analysis tool enables you to easily generate a report on Notes databases that are located on any Domino server or local workstation.

The report is intended to help you plan for your database archiving project by providing the most important information on each database including:

  • Database size

  • Number of documents

  • Number of forms

  • Number of views

  • Average document size

  • Number of attachments

  • Average attachment size

  • Number of MIME documents

  • Number of encrypted documents

  • Number of documents containing doclinks

  • Number of documents with reader fields

To open the tool click the Database analysis link in the Seascape database and click New Analysis:

Next, select the Domino server or specific databases to analyze, select the analysis level (deep or basic), and hit Start analysis now button:

The analysis tool will now begin to generate the report. Once the report is generated, click View Analysis results to open it:

The report is now shown in a document view as shown in this example screenshot:

If needed, you can also export the report to a CSV file for easier analysis.

To export the report to a CSV file click File > Export in the Notes menu:

Next, select a folder where the CSV file will be saved, enter the desired file name (with the .csv file extension) and select Comma Separated Value as the file type.

When you're done, click the Export button:

A popup window now appears where you can select additional CSV export options.

Select the Include View titles checkbox in order to show the column headings in the first row in the CSV file:

When you're done, click OK and the CSV file will be generated.

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