Manually uploading data to SharePoint

The SharePoint upload utility allows you to upload exported Notes data from a staging folder to a SharePoint library or a SharePoint list.

The utility launches automatically after a database export is completed from the SharePoint archiving page.

You can also launch it manually by using the Upload existing archive link on the SharePoint archiving page:

Below are the instructions for uploading the Notes data from a staging folder into a SharePoint Library or a SharePoint list.

Step 1

When the SharePoint upload utility launches, click on the Browse button to select the staging folder where you had exported your Notes data.

After the staging folder is selected, the utility will automatically list all of the archive folders found in it.

Select one archive folder you wish to upload to SharePoint and click Next:

Step 2

In Step 2, after clicking Next, click Add a new site to create a new SharePoint site connection or select an already existing one using the drop-down menu.

The connection settings popup now appears where you can enter your SharePoint site URL and test the connection.

The Site URL should be in the following format (without the .aspx part or any additional folders in the URL):

If the connection is established successfully, click Save Settings so you can re-use the settings for your future uploads:

Note: Use the Authentication type to change the authentication method if needed:

Basic: Log in with your SharePoint user credentials (2 factor authentication must be disabled).

Network credentials: Log in to SharePoint Online or on-premises with your network credentials.

Web login: Log in to SharePoint Online or on-premises using web browser. Requires claims based authentications with FedAuth cookie. If you are previously logged in to SharePoint in the web browser on the machine where you are trying to do the upload, then it is enough to enter the "Name" and "Site URL". You can leave "Log-in URL" empty.

Modern: Log in with your Azure Active Directory credentials.

If you have chosen one archive to be uploaded, then you will have an option to switch to the manual mode of uploading your Notes data.

When switching to manual mode, you will need to choose the list type (list or library), the specific document library/list and the destination folder.

Step 3

In Step 3, after clicking on Next, you can review and update the SharePoint field mappings, and select the upload settings:

Here is a description of the upload settings:

  • Shorten Notes canonical name to common name: "CN=Mary Tsen/OU=Illustration/O=Acme" becomes "Mary Tsen"

  • Publish documents after upload (Check-In): Documents will be published after upload (if unchecked, the uploaded documents will be saved as drafts)

  • Overwrite existing documents: Documents with the same PDF file name will be overwritten

When you're finished, click Start upload.

During the upload, the upload progress information will be shown in the popup window:

After the upload is completed, an overview of the uploaded data will be shown, and you can now open your SharePoint library (or list) and verify that all the data has been imported successfully:

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