Version 1.0140 (2024-May-22)

  • The problem with updating the license has now been resolved.

  • Issue with indexing the archive has been resolved.

Version 1.0130 (2024-Mar-27)

  • The problem with searching inside attachments is now fixed.

  • Issue with updating the license, has now been resolved.

  • Issue with the search when a backslash is inside the query has been resolved.

  • The Issue with default search has been fixed.

  • Not being able to sort the results list has been fixed.

  • Seascape Flex will not start until Elastic Search is up and running.

  • Issue with the catalog not opening correctly, has been resolved.

  • In case of the service failing, service start/stop actions are now updated correctly.

Version 1.0121 (2024-Jan-26)

  • The issues with Indefinitely search when using AND or OR operators with missing parameters,has been resolved.

  • Issues with searching view columns values has been resolved.

  • The issue with user conflict when authentication is disabled, has been resolved.

  • Checkbox is disabled in users list for AD user.

  • Option added to remove groups from the archive.

  • Issue with indexing large views has been resolved.

Version 1.0902 (2023-Jun-19)

  • Option has been added to be able to remove groups form a specific archive.

  • Issues with the names and date field in the search results, has been resolved.

  • Custom column naming capability has been added.

  • Issue with opening the default view for the first time, has been resolved.

  • User list checkbox for active directory users has been disabled.

Version 1.09 (2023-Mar-01)

  • Improved index progress reporting

  • Option to disable authentication has been added

Version 1.08 (2023-Jan-13)

  • Database search results as list view are enabled

Version 1.07 (2022-Sep-27)

  • Issue with the unique ID not being recognized in the archive folder has been resolved

  • Issue when searching for two strings using "and" in between has been resolved.

Version 1.06 (2022-Sep-12)

  • Concurrent sessions with the same username have been disabled

  • Issues when the search contains "-", have been resolved

  • Issues with categorized entries showing documents that should not be there have been resolved

Version 1.05 (2022-Aug-03)

  • Issues with the license activation dialog appearing has been resolved

  • Ability to completely remove an archive has been added

  • Reporting feature for Flex usage added

  • Issues with the admin password being too long have been resolved

  • Issues with database indexing have been resolved

Version 1.04 (2022-Jul-05)

  • Added minor improvements and fixes.

Version 1.03 (2022-May-11)

  • Highlighting error on large attachments

  • Reports progress while indexing databases in Seascape Flex

Version 1.02 (2022-Jan-26)

  • Nest Plugin updated

  • .DWG attachment issue resolved

Version 1.01 (2021-Dec-06)

  • Added minor improvements and fixes.

Version 1.00 (2021-Nov-24)

  • Added minor improvements and fixes.

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