Export log

The Export Log provides a detailed overview of the database exports run by users:

Click on any document in the history log in order to view more detail for that specific job.

Each log document consists of two parts, the Job Summary and the Process Log.

Job Summary

The Job Summary provides basic information on a job such as the job status, last run time, the selected destination folder, databases/views/documents exported, and the export settings used for the job:

If needed, you can repeat the job right from the log by clicking the New export button.

Process Log

The Process Log contains process-level information which may be used for troubleshooting or debugging:

Click on the View log file link in order to open a log file which contains the run-time console output.

Additionally, if any errors occurred during the export, the information will be logged and you will be provided with the links to the documents that could not be exported, so that they may be inspected further.

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