Thai symbols not shown in PDF document

To convert documents with Thai symbols one of the required fonts must be installed on the system

When converting documents with Thai symbols, SWING Seascape checks if Angsana New font is installed on system. Font Angsana New is the most common Thai font on Microsoft Windows.

If Angsana New cannot be found, SWING Seascape checks for Garuda font, which can be freely downloaded from the web.

Finally, if both fonts are not present, SWING Seascape will look for Arial Unicode MS.

Follow these steps to install downloaded fonts:

  • Download the font to your computer

  • If the font is compressed, unzip it

  • Close Notes client and all other Notes applications (Designer, Administrator, etc.) and then start it again

It is important that font is installed for all users. If the font is installed just for the current user Windows will be able to use it but it won't be available for Seascape

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