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In order to keep the Notes document links working on SharePoint a web part must be installed and added to the SharePoint site.

Installing the web part

Web part can be installed by a SharePoint administrator, using the following procedure:

  • Open “SharePoint admin center” by using the following link (make sure to replace <your_sharepoint_tenant_name> with your tenant name): https://<your_sharepoint_tenant_name>

  • Click on “More features” and open “Apps”

Note: In case previous version has already been installed, you will be prompted to replace it with newly uploaded version:

  • After successful upload, you will be prompted to enable the app; we suggest to use "Only enable this app" option, as it will allow you to add it only to the sites where it is actually needed.

  • After it’s been enabled, the web part will be shown in the apps list:

Adding the web part to a site

  • Navigate to you site, go to “Settings” and select “Add an app”

  • The web part is now available in the "Apps you can add" section and you can add it using the Add button:

Creating a page with web part

As a first step, you should check if “doclinks.aspx” is already available in a document library that you are using to upload exported documents and delete it.

If “doclinks.aspx” is not available, you need to create it by using “Web Part Page” content type. It should be available under the “New” button in your document library. If it is not there, you need to add it first.

Add “Web part page” as a content type

  • Open your document library, go to Settings and then “Library settings”. Click “More library settings”.

  • Under “General Settings”, select “Advanced settings”

  • Under “Content Types”, set “Allow management of content types” to “Yes” and click OK on the bottom of the page to save your settings. You will be returned to the Advanced library settings page.

  • On the Advanced library settings page, go to the “Content Types” section and click “Add from existing content types” link.

  • Select “Web Part Page” and click “Add >”. Web Part Page will be added to a list of available site content types. Click OK to confirm your changes.

  • You can now navigate to your document library and under the “New” button, “Web Part Page” will be available.

Create a web part page

  • Navigate to your document library, click the “New” button and select “Web Part Page”.

  • As an alternative, you can navigate to your site, go to “Pages” and create a new “Web Part Page”.

  • This will open a new Web Part Page screen, where you need to set the page name to a “doclinks” and choose a document library that you are using to upload exported documents (this option is available only if you used an alternative way of creating Web Part Page from site Pages). We suggest setting a layout template to “Full Page, Vertical”, although this is not a requirement.

  • Finally, you should add the web part to a page. It will be available under the “Advanced” category.

  • Once done, you can stop editing the page and make sure the doclinks.aspx page is available in your document library.

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