Offline license activation

If you are not connected to the Internet while activating your SWING Seascape license, the following procedure needs to be applied in order to activate the license (click on any image for a bigger display):

1. Open your Seascape.nsf database in Notes. When opening the database for the first time you will be prompted to enter your license key. Copy and paste the license key provided to you by SWING Software in the License Activation pop-up and hit OK:

2. A new License Activation pop-up will appear containing a link that you must open in a web browser from a different computer which is connected to the internet. To copy the link, hit Copy link to clipboard:

3. Paste the link in your browser's address bar, hit Enter, and you will be provided with your activation code:

4. Copy and paste the provided activation code in the License Activation pop-up and hit OK. If a security prompt appears click Yes to clear it:

5. Once all of the steps have been completed successfully a message will appear confirming your license activation:


In order to enter a new license or change the existing one, click the Change license link in the about page of your SWING Seascape database:

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