Notes attachments

The attachment options are configured in the Export Settings where you can select a combination of the following settings:

Attachment Embedding

If you select the option to attach Notes files in the PDF documents, then in order to access the attachments from the PDF later the users will have to:

  • Download the PDF document from SharePoint

  • Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader software

  • Double-click on the attachment icons or open the attachments from the Attachments pane in Adobe).

Save Attachments In Folders

If you select the option to save Notes files in the Attachments folder, and after you upload your archive from the staging folder into SharePoint, Seascape will automatically create a folder called Attachments in SharePoint.

Within the Attachments folder additional sub-folders will be created (one folder for each Notes document which contained attachments), and the attachments will be saved in the appropriate sub-folders.

The sub-folders are named using the same name as the folder's parent PDF document.

The main SharePoint view will now also show a new Attachment column with links that take the user directly to the appropriate attachments sub-folder for each document in the view:

Attachment Conversion

Seascape also allows you to convert supported attachments types (such as Word or Excel documents or standard image formats) to PDF, after which the converted attachments may again be embedded in the parent PDF file, appended to the parent PDF file, or saved externally in the Attachments sub-folder.

Note that this option requires you to have MS Office installed on the same workstation on which your export will be running.

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