Domino HTTP Error Loading Java Virtual Machine

The error usually occurs because of a conflict with the Java heap size setting in the notes.ini file. Lowering value or completely removing JavaMinHeapSize entry should resolve the issue


Domino HTTP fails to load Java Virtual Machine. As result, the HTTP task fails to start.


Conflict with Java heap size settings in the notes.ini file prevented the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from loading.

Diagnosing the problem

Domino Server console reported the following messages:

HTTP JVM: JVMJ9GC019E -Xms too large for -Xmx
HTTP JVM: JVMJ9VM015W Initialization error for library j9gc24(2): Failed to initialize
JVM: The Java Virtual Machine creation returned an invalid JVM machine pointer.
JVM: Java Virtual Machine failed to start
HTTP Server: Error Loading Java Virtual Machine
HTTP Server: JVM: Missing entrypoint in JVM runtime library.
HTTP Server: Shutdown

The message -Xms too large for -Xmx indicates that the initial Java heap size is larger than the maximum Java heap size.

In one case, the notes.ini file had the following parameters:


The JavaMinHeapSize of 128MB is set higher than the HTTP's JVM heap size 64MB.

Resolving the problem

The solution is to remove or lower JavaMinHeapSize (JavaMinHeapSize=67108864) or alternatively, increase HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize to 128M (HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize=128M).\


This article is copied from HCL support resources.

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