Installing Seascape Flex

Here are the steps to install Seascape Flex.

1. Download the SeascapeFlexInstaller.msi installation file and open it to start the Setup Wizard:

2. Follow the wizard steps to complete the installation. Once the installation is completed, click Finish to launch the Seascape Flex Control Panel:

3. In the Control Panel enter your IP address (use localhost if installing on a local workstation), enter a desired port number, and select the root folder of your existing Web Archive:

You will also need to enter a password for the initial Administrator user (the username is admin). When finished, click the Start button:

4. The Seascape Flex services are now running and will begin to index your web archive records. Depending on the size of your archive the file indexing may take a while to complete.

You can use the links in the Control Panel to restart the services if needed, change the Seascape Flex settings, and check for product updates.

To open your archive click on the Open Catalog link:

5. You can now enter your username and password and log in:

6. When you open Seascape Flex for the first time you will need to enter your license key to activate the product.

Copy the license key into the provided field and click Activate License:

7. Your Seascape Flex archive now opens in a web browser and you can begin to use it:

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