Enabling HTTPS on Seascape Flex server

The Seascape Flex server is hosted using Kestrel, and the recommended way to make Kestrel work with HTTPS is by configuring the IIS to work as a reverse proxy.

To enable your IIS server to work as a reverse proxy for Seascape Flex follow these instructions:

1. Install the Application Request Routing module in IIS:

2. Once the module installed, right-click Sites, and click Add Website:

3. In the Add Website popup select HTTPS in the Binding section and assign a port (e.g. port 445).

You must also select an SSL certificate to use, and select a Physical path folder (it can be an empty folder).

When you're done click OK to save your changes:

4. Select the new site you created and double-click the URL Rewrite icon:

5. In the URL Rewrite window click Add rule:

6. A popup will appear as shown in the below example. Click the Reverse Proxy icon in the popup:

7. A new popup now appears as shown in the below example.

Now enter your server name or the IP address where Seascape Flex is hosted (by default that will be localhost:7500):

8. Click OK to exit all popups and save your changes.

Your IIS server is now ready to start accepting HTTPS requests.

IIS will handle the HTTPS requests normally and then forward them to Kestrel in the background.

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