Release history

For updates in the PDF conversion engine, please refer to the PDF Converter Release History

Version 3.02 (2023-Sep-27)

  • Issue with folders missing in the web archive has been resolved.
  • Issue with ClosedByInterruptException has been resolved.
  • Warning message when using the full trial has been updated.
  • Issue with outline having missing folder and views as well as not being sorted properly has been resolved.
  • Issue with NullPointerException has been resolved.
  • Issue with another export already in progress has been resolved.

Version 3.01 (2023-Sep-22)

  • Issue with folders not being visible in the view list in the web archive has been resolved.
  • Issue with java.lang.IllegalStateException showing in the log at the end of the export has been resolved.
  • Default folder formulas have been added.
  • Issue with XML files not being created when using custom naming formula has been resolved.

Version 2.78 (2023-Sep-06)

  • Search issue in the web archive has been resolved.

Version 2.77 (2023-Jun-02)

  • Issue with unsupported datatype has been resolved.

Version 2.76 (2023-May-17)

  • Issue with merged cells in table in the Notes document has been resolved.
  • Issue with unzipping the database in Java and getting a Access is denied error, has been resolved.
  • Issues with the export crashing on certain documents have been resolved.

Version 2.75 (2023-May-02)

  • Issue with extracting metadata for a field with RFC822 type has been resolved.
  • Issue with returning to the start menu when export is cancelled has been resolved.

Version 2.74 (2023-Apr-20)

  • The System.NullReferenceException when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception has been resolved.
  • Issue with doclinks for attachments with same name and size has been resolved.
  • Additional By template and file path tab added when selecting databases.
  • Manual license activation option to Actions has been added.

Version 2.73 (2023-Mar-29)

  • The System.NullReferenceException when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • The "No PDF" error has been resolved.
  • The "New PDF settings" which throws an error before opening the form, has been resolved.
  • Issue with the document form is not defined and there is no default form in the database error has been resolved.

Version 2.72 (2023-Feb-22)

  • Issue with attachments that have same name has been resolved.
  • Additional attachment option for generating only the attachments links has been added.

Version 2.71 (2022-Dec-08)

  • Invalid file size exception has been resolved.
  • Issue with the embedded view header and columns not being aligned has been resolved.
  • Action created to convert archive from aspx to html.
  • Ole attachments not being able to open, has been resolved.
  • File names that begin with a space(s) are now trimmed (when using SharePoint export method).
  • Array index out of range exception has been resolved.

Version 2.70 (2022-Nov-03)

  • The System.NullReferenceException error found when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • Error when fetching database views has been resolved.
  • Issue with duplicate response documents has been resolved.
  • Issues with the response documents not showing after changing view and coming back have been resolved.
  • The "not found as file or resource" error caused by Chinese characters has been resolved.
  • Issues with RTF fields not properly being displayed in Sharepoint properties have been resolved.

Version 2.69 (2022-Sep-22)

  • The System.NullReferenceException error found when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.

Version 2.68 (2022-Sep-15)

  • Issue with documents count mismatch have been resolved.
  • Issue with the attachments not working properly have been resolved.
  • Issues with the document list not being refreshed upon category change has been resolved.

Version 2.67 (2022-Aug-17)

  • The System.NullReferenceException error found when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • SharePoint "Return to start" link issue has been resolved.
  • Embedded OLE object issue resolved.
  • Alignment issues resolved when printing PDF.
  • Issues with the document count in the export log have been resolved.
  • Two new columns added in the database analysis report.

Version 2.66 (2022-May-19)

  • The System.NullReferenceException error found when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • Additional reporting has been added to the database analyzer.
  • Multivalue table issues have been resolved.

Version 2.65 (2022-Apr-26)

  • The System.NullReferenceException error found when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • The overflow error found during export on some documents has been resolved.
  • An issue with a the embedded view table being broken in PDF has been resolved.
  • The XML metadata file creation is now skipped if the XML already exists.
  • An issue with Word doc OLE attachment being extracted as TIFF file has been resolved.

Version 2.64 (2022-Mar-25)

  • An issue with the Metadata Sidebar closing on its own has been resolved.
  • The System.NullReferenceException error received when uploading files to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • An issue with searching through categories in the Seascape Web Viewer has been resolved.
  • An issue with missing sub-category structure has been resolved.
  • The Nullpointer Exception received when converting a document/corrupted attachment has been resolved.
  • The java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException error received when attempting to export attachments that start with "." has been resolved.

Version 2.63 (2022-Feb-21)

  • Attachment date created and date modified information is now saved in the XML and JSON metadata files.
  • An issue with category search has been resolved.
  • The System.NullReferenceException error received when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.
  • The web archive metadata sidebar now opens or closes automatically based on the state which is saved in browser's local storage from the previous session.

Version 2.62 (2022-Jan-19)

  • A new setting has been added for turning off Form Formula evaluation.
  • An issue with the web archives no longer working when hosted in Microsoft SharePoint has been resolved.

Version 2.61 (2021-Dec-14)

  • The System.NullReferenceException found when uploading to a SharePoint list has been resolved.

Version 2.60 (2021-Nov-25)

  • An issue with exporting stored images has been resolved.
  • Document search is now set as the default search in Seascape Flex.

Version 2.59 (2021-Nov-11)

  • An issue with missing view column in the web archive has been resolved.
  • An issue with hidden attachment icons has been resolved.

Version 2.58 (2021-Nov-02)

  • JS files are no longer generated if the metadata export is disabled.
  • A fidelity issue with single category embedded views has been resolved.
  • An issue with the SharePoint uploader crashing during field mapping has been resolved.

Version 2.57 (2021-Oct-19)

  • An issue with PDF attachment links not linking to the correct attachments in the web archive has been resolved.
  • Links to external attachments have been disabled in the Extract to Disk archive.

Version 2.56 (2021-Oct-06)

  • New feature: The database analysis tool now provides clients with the ability to generate a report listing all of the databases found on a Domino server including the important information for each database, such as the database size, number of documents, attachments, etc.
  • The SharePoint uploader has been updated for better upload performances.
  • An issue with web archive infinite scroll has been resolved.
  • An issue where a document with an embedded view stalls the export process has been resolved.
  • An issue with the embedded view columns being shifted in the PDF has been resolved.

Version 2.55 (2021-Sep-22)

  • Attachment links now work correctly when the file name is too long.
  • Reverting to high-level renderer no longer causes documents to be exported with Memo form.
  • The Seascape Updater now comes with separate functions for the archive catalog updates and export updates.

Version 2.54 (2021-Sep-17)

  • Unfinished exports will now resume automatically when the application is re-opened in case of a Notes crash.
  • The categories outline is now exported correctly when a document filter is applied.
  • An issue with long file paths for XML files has been fixed.
  • A Type Mismatch error that occurred when clicking on pdfsettings in Settings has been fixed.

Version 2.53 (2021-Sep-08)

  • If no PDF file was created for specific archive documents then clicking on the document will only show the metadata sidebar.
  • An issue with selecting Outlines has been fixed.
  • If a user tries to open a 100+ document in the trial version of the web archive a warning message will be shown.
  • An issue with missing dolinks.xml file has been fixed.

Version 2.52 (2021-Aug-10)

  • Attachment icons in PDF are now linked to the files in the Attachments subfolder of the web archive.
  • An issue with users not being able to switch to another view while viewing search results has been fixed.

Version 2.51 (2021-Jul-09)

  • Unfinished exports can now be resumed on application open in case of a Lotus Notes crash.
  • An error that appeared when selecting the PDF Settings has been resolved.
  • When all the views are selected in the view selection the selection link now changes to "Deselect all".

Version 2.50 (2021-Jun-14)

  • The database selection dialog now comes with improved options for selecting mailfile outlines.
  • An issue with missing bullet labels with Chinese characters has been resolved.
  • An issue with the SharePoint uploader crashing while uploading files to SharePoint 2010 has been resolved.
  • The date are now properly set when there is no time for UTC format.
Version 2.49 (2021-Apr-20)
  • The classic database selection dialog now allows for more than 18 databases to be selected.
  • It's now possible to select "Export default view only" when multiple databases are selected.
  • A new column called "ND.Parent" of type lookup is now created during SharePoint uploads containing a reference to the parent document.

Version 2.48 (2021-Apr-15)

  • An issue with uploading files containing the hash character to MS SharePoint has been resolved.
  • The "Export default view only" option can now be selected when exporting multiple databases.
  • A few "java.lang" errors have been resolved.

Version 2.47 (2021-Mar-24)

  • An issue with selecting database for export via database templates has been resolved.
  • An issue with mail outline selection has been resolved.
  • A "Path not found" error found on batch mail export has been resolved.
  • An "XML exception on illegal character" error has been resolved.

Version 2.46 (2021-Feb-23)

  • A new feature has been added which enables the optional export of documents that are not shown in any document view.
  • The "Export default view only" option can now be selected normally when multiple databases are selected.
  • An issue with outline exports creating additional views has been resolved.
  • An issue with SharePoint uploader reporting an error when uploading files with "#" has been resolved.

Version 2.45 (2021-Jan-26)

  • The SharePoint upload window now shows the correct library URL.
  • Seascape now supports the creation of PDF/A-2U files.
  • Seascape now supports import of HTML content into SharePoint fields.
  • An issue with generating file paths from document views that contain the slash character "/" has been resolved.

Version 2.44 (2021-Jan-05)

  • Notes crash issue when running exports on R8 or earlier has been resolved .

Version 2.43 (2020-Dec-23)

  • Offline license activations are now cached locally to avoid showing activation prompts unnecessarily.

Version 2.42 (2020-Nov-28)

  • Field too large error (32K) has been fixed.
  • A few column sorting issues in the web archive have been resolved.
  • SharePoint export settings have been updated by removing a few unused settings.

Version 2.41 (2020-Nov-02)

  • An error that occurred when archiving a database with a Japanese title has been resolved.
  • The DB selection dialog no longer splits the database name when there is a comma in the name.
  • The license usage information on the About now includes the date of last refresh.
  • The "Type mismatch" error found on Notes R7 client has been resolved.

Version 2.40 (2020-Oct-21)

  • Attachments with Chinese characters are now extracted normally.
  • A Notes crash issue has been resolved.
  • The ability to switch between low level and high-level renderer when attachments have Chinese characters has been added.
  • Attachment folders are now saved with the same names as the PDF files when using the "Extract to disk" option.
  • An issue with metadata not being set when the Title column is named differently has been resolved.
  • The main PDF files are now attached along with the other attachments in the in SharePoint List
  • Empty categories are no longer visible in the Web viewer.
  • An issue with older versions of Notes crashing has been resolved.
  • An issue with Seascape Updater using an incorrect archive path if root folder is a disk drive has been resolved.

Version 2.39 (2020-Sep-11)

  • An issue with missing and deformed content in PDF files has been resolved.
  • Outline selection is now enabled when multiple databases are based on the same template.
  • When exporting via outlines, the outlines labels are now used instead of the view names.
  • The Notes outline structure is now replicated fully in the web archive, including "group" entries
  • The System Monospaced font has been replaced with a scalable font.
  • An issue with the "detachNotesAttachment error - must supply bulk decryption key" error has been resolved.
  • An issue with missing or incomplete content has been resolved.
  • An issue with invalid characters appearing the XML files used for SharePoint uploads has been resolved.
  • An issue where an embedded view is torn apart in the PDF output has been resolved.
Version 2.38 (2020-Aug-17)
  • Users can now select up to 100 databases to export in one go.
  • Quotations marks are now stripped from the file names.
  • An issue with data formats in the web archives has been resolved.
  • An issue with the view creation breaking on document rendering error has been resolved.

Version 2.37 (2020-Aug-10)

  • A new agent has been added to automatically sign the Seascape database with the current user ID during installation.
  • An issue with empty view columns in web archive has been resolved.
  • An issue with stack overflow has been resolved.

Version 2.36 (2020-Jul-27)

  • An issue with invalid JSON files being generated has been resolved.
  • The web archive now works on HTTP also.

Version 2.35 (2020-Jul-10)

  • An error caused when creating a database shortcut which contains illegal file name characters has been resolved.
  • Attachments upload to SharePoint now works correctly when the PDF files are named using a custom naming formula.
  • PDF files are now generated correctly with the Extract to Disk option when the database is on local.

Version 2.34 (2020-Jun-23)

  • The getMetadata function now works correctly when the web archive is deployed from a server.
  • The ND.AttachedTo UNID property is now added for each attachment in SharePoint.
  • An issue with broken string on export in view entries has been fixed.
  • The AnonymousBlockBox incompatible with org.xhtmlrenderer.newtable.TableRowBox error has been resolved.
  • The Response column content is now properly aligned.
  • Chinese characters in attachment names are no longer exported as question marks inside the view-entries.js files.
  • The folder names in Export to disk are now trimmed.

Version 2.33 (2020-May-27)

  • The Database Clear action now clears the view selection too.
  • The 'db' subfolder is now exported to the correct location in structured export.
  • An error found while creating JSON for Notes metadata has been fixed.
  • The three primary export methods have been renamed.
  • A new option has been added for exporting mail databases to disk.
  • The ND.AttachedTo UNID metadata is now generated for each attachment uploaded to SharePoint.

Version 2.32 (2020-May-11)

  • An issue with connecting to SharePoint On-Premise has been resolved.
  • A FileNotFoundException error when exporting folder names ending with dots has been resolved.
  • Completed exports now show a link to the Export Log.

Version 2.31 (2020-May-07)

  • The SharePoint upload progress bar is now displayed based on the actual number of files in the folder.
  • The ND.Attachments property is no longer imported to SharePoint lists.
  • If the Title list item is not defined in SharePoint then the file name will be used instead.
  • The database selection dialog has been updated with several new improvements.
  • Attachments are no longer duplicated when exporting documents from view based on a form formula.
  • Metadata is now applied correctly to documents created with a View Form Formula.
  • An issue with Notes crashing during export has been fixed.
  • The Plain Archive now saves the view structures.
  • Settings for multiple views export in the Plain Archive have been moved to the Export Settings tab.
  • The ND.UNID, ND.Parent UNID ($Ref), ND.Created Date, and Form properties have been added to indexed columns in SharePoint.
  • The documents and view entry counters in the application now show the correct values.
  • OLE objects are now exported correctly.

Version 2.30 (2020-Apr-06)

  • New settings have been added for selecting views in the plain archive.
  • Sharepoint uploader now correctly uploads files that are not named using the Notes UNID.
  • SharePoint uploader now manages the document upload speed automatically based on SharePoint's throttling policy.
  • An issue with the plain archiving showing an incorrect number of exported documents has been fixed.

Version 2.29 (2020-Mar-23)

  • The Full Archive created from a mailfile's outline now includes all folders.
  • Non hierarchical view with response column not shows documents correctly.
  • Plain archives can now be created by selecting specific document views.
  • The Full Archive is no longer broken because of invalid views-list.js

Version 2.28 (2020-Feb-07)

  • A new option for exporting mail databases as plain archives has been added.
  • A new option has been added to disable the XML metadata file creation in the plain archive.
  • Rich text fields can now be exported as metadata in the plain (SharePoint) archive.
  • An IE11 compatibility issue has been resolved.
  • Documents with same file name as already exported documents will be skipped in plain archive export.
  • Line breaks are now preserved when uploading rich text metadata to the SharePoint.
  • The "User xx cannot open database" error on refresh database list has been fixed.
  • The Web viewer updater no longer throws an error when reading zip file.
  • A user defined error when selecting database in the new alternate form setting has been fixed.
  • The "Variable not set error" has been resolved.
  • An issue with LocalStorage when 3rd party cookies are disabled has been fixed.
  • An overflow error when exporting with plain archive has been fixed.

Version 2.27 (2020-Jan-15)

  • The "32k error" which appeared in some cases when fetching database views has been fixed.
  • The Notes metadata is now displayed correctly in the full archive hosted in a MS SharePoint library.

Version 2.26 (2019-Dec-20)

  • The modern authentication method is now supported in SharePoint
  • A quick tour feature is enabled in the full archives to help users find their way around the archive easily
  • RTF text field can now be mapped to SharePoint fields
  • An issue with the wrong date format has been fixed
  • A "32k" error that occurs when too many workstations are registered has been fixed
  • An issue with the PDF files not opening with double-click has been fixed
  • The error handling in cases when the database list from server can't be fetched has been improved
  • Very long attachments names in the Full Archive are now automatically shortened

Version 2.25 (2019-Nov-07)

  • The plain archive attachment subfolders are now saved with the same names as the parent PDF files.
  • An issue with filter selection showing "All folders in views in selected database" when only a single view is selected has been fixed.
  • An issue with an Invalid Formula error has been resolved.

Version 2.24 (2019-Nov-04)

  • The mail outline is now the default outline when exporting mailboxes.

Version 2.23 (2019-Sep-27)

  • New options have been added for processing embedded views.
  • New options have been added for OLE attachment extraction.
  • An overflow error which occurred on full archive export has been fixed.
  • As issue where the progress bar freezes with an "input past end of file" error has been fixed.

Version 2.22 (2019-Sep-06)

  • An issue with SharePoint upload connection has been resolved.
  • A few UI issues found when the Full Archive is viewed in Microsoft Edge have been resolved.

Version 2.21 (2019-Aug-07)

  • The "Field is too large (32K)" or "View's column & selection formulas are too large" errors have been fixed.

Version 2.20 (2019-Jul-29)

  • An OEM version of the product is now available
  • JSON files are now loaded using JavaScript without a web server

Version 2.19 (2019-Jul-12)

  • A category view search issue which occurs when there are no results in the search has been fixed
  • Searching in a view category with multiple levels now works correctly
  • An issue with the SharePoint field mapping has been fixed
  • Subcategories are now correctly recognized

Version 2.18 (2019-Jun-21)

  • Fixed a stability issue

Version 2.17 (2019-Jun-05)

  • Fixed an issue with the license activation

Version 2.16 (2019-May-31)

  • Send multiple replicas for activation when performing batch exports
  • Improved the license activation procedure
  • An option to send email when export is completed has been added
  • The current license usage is now shown after successful activation
  • An issue with empty date fields showing the value of "00:00:00" has been fixed
  • An issue with column duplication in categorized views has been fixed

Version 2.15 (2019-Apr-15)

  • The mail database outline is now recreated in Full Archive
  • UI formulas are now evaluated during export
  • An issue with plain archiving getting stuck on a specific document has been resolved
  • A missing icon in the web viewer has been restored
  • The custom-root.css file is now exported to root css folder and custom-db.css files to css folders of each database
  • The metadata is now sorted alphabetically
  • An issue where nothing happens when fetching views of encrypted databases has been resolved
  • When modifying a document selection the hidden views will not be unselected
  • Long attachment names will be trimmed if the path is too long
  • The "No RESUME" error on fetching views from a database with private views has been resolved
  • Column sorting should is now case insensitive
  • Full Archives can now be set up with custom colors and logo in the root css file
  • The log now shows the information on alternate forms if they are used during the export
  • Created and modified time is now displayed in 24h or AM/PM format

Version 2.14 (2019-Mar-13)

  • The last used destination folder will now be set as default until changed
  • Date only fields with "0Z" suffix are now correctly transferred to SharePoint
  • An issue with big decimal numbers rounding has been fixed
  • The Plain Archive export now allows user to choose if the database root folder should be created
  • Support is added for text-only representation of RTF in metadata
  • "The server does not allow messages larger than 2097152 bytes" error in SharePoint uploader has been resolved
  • An issue with invalid time range and date time range values in JSON has been fixed
  • Mime mail "Received" property is now handled correctly when generating metadata
  • Progress bar during metadata processing now works for the plain archive too
  • Text fields over 255 characters are now trimmed

Version 2.13 (2019-Feb-25)

  • Comma separated decimal numbers are now transferred correctly
  • SharePoint field type change is now saved correctly

Version 2.12 (2019-Jan-19)

  • The metadata formula is now validated correctly.

Version 2.11 (2018-Dec-19)

  • An issue with date-only fields getting a "0Z" suffix in the XML metadata has been resolved.
  • "Object variable not set" error has been resolved.

Version 2.10 (2018-Dec-10)

  • The SharePoint library tree is now loaded faster using dynamic loading
  • The SharePoint connections are now listed alphabetically
  • Refreshing a view list now also automatically refreshes the outlines list
  • An option has been added to refresh the outline list
  • An issues with converting databases with trailing space in the title has been resolved
  • Fetch views now works correctly on specific databases
  • An option to disable rendering of doclinks has been added
  • An issue with matadata containing invalid characters has been resolved
  • A warning message will now be shown if the version of Notes client used is less then R8
  • An issue with no documents being displayed in a view has been resolved

Version 2.09 (2018-Nov-26)

  • An issue with specific documents not being displayed in the web view has been resolved

Version 2.08 (2018-Nov-21)

  • Existing JSON files are no longer overwritten with new exports
  • The Full Archive can now be hosted from a SharePoint library

Version 2.07 (2018-Nov-12)

  • Response doc titles are no longer duplicated
  • View entries columns are now displayed correctly (not empty)
  • Added an alternative way to select databases when batch select doesn't work
  • The "Add a database" button has been removed from the batch select dialog

Version 2.06 (2018-Nov-06)

  • The views are now presented in the same order as in the database outline
  • The export log now includes information on document counts
  • Seascape export now works correctly when there is a comma in database name
  • An issue with a view now being exported correctly has been resolved
  • "Created By" field is now correctly transferred to SharePoint
  • The license key is now shown in the About dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the error log shows just "Document conversion failed, no additional data available"
  • Existing PDF documents will now be overwritten when the export to the same folder is repeated
  • Support has been added for Delegated / Claims

Version 2.05 (2018-Oct-18)

  • Invalid characters are now removed when file names are created using a formula
  • The SharePoint uploader now provides the ability to upload attachments and link to corresponding documents
  • The parent document (PDF) can now be added to a generic SharePoint list as an attachment
  • The Full and Plain archives now provide the ability to define custom metadata
  • Documents already uploaded to SharePoint will now be skipped if a new upload is started with the same documents
  • If a Form Formula is defined in a view, multiple document instances will be created based on the formula
  • A new option has been added which enables the export of only the default view in a each selected database
  • Users can now switch to the default Notes dialog when selecting a single database if needed
  • The default PDF settings are now saved correctly after being edited
  • Documents to be exported can now be selected using a Notes formula
  • The Full Archive now opens the default database view, same as in the original Notes application

Version 2.04 (2018-Sep-19)

  • Documents are now listed in a view correctly when a string value is shown in the "display as icon" column
  • When attachments are extracted to disk the created and modified dates will be saved unchanged
  • Upload metadata and attachments to SharePoint lists when there is no main document

Version 2.03 (2018-Aug-07)

  • File attachment options
  • Hash license key for display
  • Add SharePoint field name validation (typed field names can not be blank or duplicates)
  • Before starting conversion check if PDF Converter is already running
  • Manual database activation fix
  • PDF Settings dialog improvement
  • PDF/A fixed

Version 2.02 (2018-Jul-30)

  • Restricting export to one server still allows local databases to be exported
  • Document export based on date does not work
  • Time zone in exported JSON
  • PDF Setting dialog improvement
  • Version number updated in main.js file
  • SharePoint upload UI in the Seascape Notes application
  • SharePoint Uploader WPF UI design
  • Exported views and documents count in Seascape Web Viewer and Updater

Version 2.01 (2018-Jul-23)

  • Fix: Overflow error on large databases (>2GB)

Version 2.00 (2018-Jul-20)

  • New: Plain Export (PDF+XML)
  • New: SharePoint Uploader
  • New: Full Export - Database Catalog
  • New: Export of multiple databases in a single batch
  • New: Updater for Web Viewer
  • New: Other improvements

Version 1.61 (2018-Feb-07)

  • Fix: Attachments with long files names are not exported
  • Fix: View indentified as hidden if name starts with underscore
  • Fix: Error when fetching views: Could not create field %1
  • Fix: Object variable not set error

Version 1.60 (2017-Dec-10)

  • Fix: User can export data from any accessible server

Version 1.59 (2017-Nov-14)

  • Fix: Fetch database views not working when database is not saved in the Notes Data directory
  • New: Updated the PDF Converter libraries

Version 1.58 (2017-Oct-20)

  • Fix: Crash when exporting large emails
  • New: Updated the PDF Converter libraries

Version 1.57 (2017-Sep-29)

  • Fix: Disabled console logging when exporting documents

Version 1.56 (2017-Sep-21)

  • Fix: Improved memory handling

Version 1.55 (2017-Sep-14)

  • New: Updated the PDF Converter libraries

Version 1.54 (2017-Aug-18)

  • Fix: Notes crash when converting MIME documents

Version 1.53 (2017-Aug-09)

  • Fix: Exported view contains no values
  • Fix: Bullets shown instead of numbers in numbered list
  • Fix: Unknown HTML symbol
  • Fix: Hotspot processing error
  • Fix: Content displayed outside of table in RTF
  • Fix: Space inserted between sections
  • Fix: Section indentation issue

Version 1.52 (2017-Jul-12)

  • Fix: Database activation throws error

Version 1.51 (2017-May-24)

  • Fix: Watermark issue

Version 1.50 (2017-Apr-21)

  • New: Attachment options
  • New: Add progress counter when creating view structures
  • New: Automatic web viewer updates
  • New: Folder shortcuts
  • New: Major performance improvements
  • Fix: Process failed documents again automatically
  • Fix: Handle "not categorized" view category
  • Fix: Export job cancellation not working as expected
  • Fix: Columns empty when exporting with Notes 7
  • Fix: Field with $ref value should be rendered as doclink

Version 1.07 (2017-Mar-13)

  • Fix: PDF Settings not applied
  • Fix: Horizontal scrollbar not shown in IE

Version 1.06 (2017-Feb-01)

  • Fix: Define hidden columns
  • Fix: PDF Settings not working

Version 1.05 (2017-Jan-26)

  • New: Attachment options
  • New: Embedded view doclinks
  • New: Horizontal scrollbar for views with many columns
  • New: Option to select all views for export
  • New: Alternate forms functionality redesign
  • New: Structured view selection menu

Version 1.04 (2016-Dec-22)

  • Fix: Display issue in General settings
  • Fix: Don't add views that failed to export to JSON
  • Fix: Error when one view has no documents
  • Fix: Export stuck on Calculating view entries total
  • Fix: Run application code on Server only on server
  • Fix: Subcategories with totals: subcategory captions are missing
  • Fix: Totals - column missing
  • Fix: [PDFC] Embedded view should be empty
  • Fix: Notes UI improvement
  • New: Exception logging
  • New: Trial: 100+ documents

Version 1.03 (2016-Nov-18)

  • Fix: Alternate form settings - use only on mail databases
  • Fix: Child documents columns empty
  • Fix: Clean hash from attachment filename
  • Fix: Document conversion failed, no additional data available (code 14)
  • Fix: Margins settings disregarded
  • Fix: PDF Settings always in inch
  • Fix: processColumnEntry NullPointerException
  • Fix: Variant does not contain a container
  • Fix: ViewToJson Type mismatch
  • Fix: Warning message
  • Fix: "Conversion finished" on Notes 7
  • Fix: [PDFC] Embedded view not displayed correctly

Version 1.02 (2016-Oct-26)

  • Fix: Column positions moved
  • Fix: Dialog: Select views
  • Fix: Object variable not set
  • Fix: Overflow error when exporting view
  • Fix: Response documents misplaced
  • New: Add version number in log

Version 1.01 (2016-Oct-13)

  • Fix: Better error handling
  • Fix: Duplicated view names on conversion re-run
  • Fix: Invalid data types in view columns
  • New: Metadata is missing explanation

Version 1.00 (2016-Oct-04)

  • Initial version