PDF settings

The PDF Settings are used to control how the PDF files will be generated.

You can create one or more configuration documents as per your needs. In the below example, there are four configuration documents called eBook, Press, Print and Screen.

To create a new configuration document click on the New PDF Settings link and then edit and save the configuration document.

To edit an existing configuration document, open the document from the provided list, edit the settings, and save the changes.

The PDF Settings configuration document consists of several tabs which contain settings that can be edited:

Here is a description of each setting tab:

  • General: Provides settings for managing image compression and generating PDF/A compliant files.

  • Page Setup: Provides settings for managing PDF page size, orientation and margins.

  • Fonts: Provides settings for managing font embedding, path to system font directory and web safe fonts.

  • Header/Footer: Provides settings for managing PDF headers and footers.

  • Watermark: Provides a setting to enable/disable PDF watermark printing.

  • Attachments: Provides settings to enable/disable the export of inline images and zip attachments

  • Security: Provides settings for managing PDF security (including PDF password protection, encryption level and PDF editing/copying/printing permissions)

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