Troubleshooting Guide

The most common issues with extracting Notes content using Seascape occur due to:

  • System environment issues (e.g. lack of necessary permissions to perform certain actions, network connectivity issues etc.)

  • Notes design issues (e.g. complicated document form design, Notes/Domino related issues etc.)

  • Incorrect installation (eg. NSF file was not unzipped) or lack of write permissions in the installation folder or in Lotus Notes

  • Out of date version of the product. Please make sure that the latest update has been installed.

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Contacting SWING Support

To submit an issue to SWING Support please send an email to

In order to resolve issues as quickly as possible, the SWING Support Team requires several types of information from the user who experienced the issue, including:

  • A description of the issue including steps to recreate it

  • Your license key or license information

  • The version of Lotus Notes and Windows used

  • Screenshots of error messages (if any)

  • Content of the Java debug console (Tools - Show Java Debug Console) at the time of error. If you don't see the console option in your Notes menu, here is how to enable it:

pageThere's no "Show Java Debug Console" option in my Notes client
  • Database or document examples. More info:

pageHow to send sample Notes documents to Support

Sending as much information as possible from the above list helps locating the cause of the issue and finding a solution faster.

Good to know

  • Typically, it is not required to send your entire database to SWING Support Team, but only a few documents in the database (that the issue can be re-created with) will suffice.

  • If you cannot send document examples due to confidentiality concerns, you can instead send only the document forms (deleting any confidential data). During the troubleshooting, the SWING Support Team typically focuses only on the design of the Notes document form, and not so much on the content.

  • If needed, SWING Software can also sign a non-disclosure agreement which will allow you to send confidential forms for troubleshooting. Please contact SWING Software for more information.

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