What is the SWING Seascape installation footprint?

This article lists the files that are created or modified on the server system during the installation of SWING Seascape and its usage.

Once SWING Seascape is installed on the system and the first conversion is initiated then SWING Seascape will:

  • Create a SwPDFC folder on the system. This folder is located at "\Data\SwPDFC\" (typically C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data or C:\Lotus\Notes\Data if using the product on a local workstation) or at "\Data\SwPDFC\" (if using the product on a Domino server). Here are some additional notes about the SwPDFC folder:

    • The SwPDFC folder contains SWING PDF Converter Java resources (.jar files) which contain the software logic together with dependencies

    • The folder path for the Java resources is "\Data\SwPDFC\java\ver[x.xx.xxx]"

    • The SwPDFC folder also contains a temporary folder with the unique name for each document conversion and which is used to store temporary resources, such as extracted Notes document attachments, image resources, etc... The folder path is "\Data\SwPDFC\java". This folder gets automatically deleted after the conversion job is completed.\

  • Create a swllrend.dll file in "" (only if the low level rendering option has been enabled in PDF settings). This DLL file is used for low level document rendering and creating better quality PDFs.\

  • Write entries to notes.ini file. Here is a list of entries:


Your notes.ini file might not contain all entries listed here.

  • Create a temporary PDF document (or documents) once the conversion job is completed. The documents will be stored in the Windows temp folder before being saved to a desired location. Folder path: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp

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