General settings

The General Settings allow you to configure the general application settings and functions. These settings are applied to all application exports that you run.

You can find the General Settings tab on the Settings page in the Seascape database:

Here are the descriptions of the available settings.

Restrict users to export only specific databases

If Seascape is being deployed from a server, you may optionally restrict selected users so that they are only allowed to export specific databases.

When the restriction is enabled, you can select the servers that Seascape will be able to access, and for each database listed on the selected server(s) you may select specific users who are allowed to export them.

In order to set up the database export restrictions, use the Click Here link to open the restrictions settings.

You will now see a list of all the databases found on the selected server(s), as shown in this screenshot:

Simply select one or more databases, and then select the users who are allowed to export the database(s):

If no users are selected for a given database, then all users with access to Seascape will be able to export such a database.

To enable the users to export databases stored on their local workstations, select the "Additionally, allow exporting local databases" option.

Log level

Select the level of information that will be logged in the history log for all of your exports.

A description of each selected log level is shown below the Log level menu:

Enable console logging

Use this option to enable or disable the console logging:

Console logging is primarily use to troubleshoot any potential issues and it should be disabled in normal operation to enable better performances.

Enable built-in progress bar

Use this option to enable or disable the progress bar.

If you are using an older version of Lotus Notes (R6.5 or R7) it is recommended to disable the progress bar and use the unresponsive progress bar instead.

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