Save Notes metadata in CSV format

The CSV tool is used to merge the XML or JSON metadata generated by Seascape into a single CSV file.

To use the tool, download the zip package provided to you by SWING Software, unzip the package, and open the CSVTool.exe file:

Once the tool is open, select the folder that contains the exported metadata:

Next, select the destination folder where the CSV file will be saved:

Finally select the CSV delimiter character you would like to use in the CSV file (typically a comma or a semi-colon) and click the Create CSV button to start the merge process:

Once the process is completed you will receive a confirmation message. Clicking on the link "Click here to open destination folder" will take you to the destination folder.

The generated CSV file is now saved in the selected destination folder along with the log file:


  • Create CSV for each form: By selecting this option, a CSV file will be created for each form.

  • Create CSV for each individual view: By selecting this option, a CSV file will be created for each individual view.

If any issues are encountered during the data merge process an error message is displayed and the error is logged in the log file.

If there are multiple databases in the archive and you would like to get the metadata only for one specific database, then you would need to select the root folder of that database (not the root folder of the archive) as the source folder.

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