How can I change styles in the Web Archive?

To change the styles in your Web Archives, edit the custom-root.css file in the archive's CSS folder. The custom-root.css file applies to all databases in the catalog.

If you wish the change the styles of an individual archive, you can edit the custom-db.css file in the CSS folder of that particular archive.

If needed, you can also edit the catalog.html and the index.html files, to change the appearance of the database and web viewer components.

SeascapeResources Form

If you are creating many separate archives, you can also modify the HTML and CSS templates in the Seascape database, so that you don't have to edit them later after the archives had been created.

To edit these templates, open the Seascape database in Domino Designer and locate the SeascapeResources form.

You may edit the following files according to your needs, and upload the files back to the form and save it:

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