PDF filename Unicode compliance tips

SWING Seascape supports Unicode compliant file naming from version 5.6 on MS Windows.

This compliance includes toolbar icon UI, LotusScript API and Java API.

If computed PDF file names are not readable on your operating system (shown as rectangles, question marks or any other generic symbol) like on image below then most common reason for this is wrong Windows localization.

Example: Far eastern symbols shown on European Windows localization:

Incorrect localization settings can also result in the same symbols appearing in Notes fields and forms.

If you for example work in USA and receive a Notes database from Japan, then symbols in Japanese Database might not be visible on your computer.

Localization should be changed to Japanese, this will force MS Windows to install all required fonts and resources for Japanese language.

Once this is done, localization can be safely reverted to US, without loss of Japanese resources.

Here's the link for help page that describes how to change localization.

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