How to edit/remove views in exported web archive

You have exported the database into a web archive but now you see that some of the views are not necessary or they could have been named better.

All views of the exported web archive are saved in the views-list.js file which is located inside of db folder: DESTINATION_FOLDER\YOUR_DATABASE_ID\db.

In order to change/remove some views, open the file is any text editor.

Let's say we have accidentally exported the view Admin -> Test and now we want to delete it. It is enough to delete the whole object where that view is in the views-list.js file.

Other thing we might want to do is to change the name of the view "Teams by conference" into "Conferences". To do that, we need to change the title value inside the object where that view is located.

This is how the views-list.js file looks after the changes:

Save the file, reopen the web archive in your web browser and the changes will be visible:

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