Alternate forms

The Alternate Forms feature provides a way to generate the PDF files using an alternate Notes form which has been optimized for PDF rendering.

Using alternate forms is recommended when the default Notes form is not converted to PDF file in a desired way, or when you wish to show or hide specific information in the generated PDF files.

To deploy an alternate Notes form you will first need to design the form in Domino Designer. It is advised to store alternate forms in source database, as it is the safer option.

When storing alternate forms in Seascape database, all dependencies (subforms, shared fields) must also be available in Seascape database. In case some of the subforms included is missing, an error will occur.

Then you will need to add a new setting in Seascape and specify a rule for when the alternate form should be used instead of the default form.

To create a new alternate form setting click on the New alternate form settings link and then edit the configuration document.

To edit an existing alternate form setting, open the configuration document from the provided list, and then edit and save the changes:

Below is a screenshot of the alternate forms setting options:

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