Web Archive interface

Below is a screenshot of the Seascape web archive opened in a web browser (click on the image for a bigger display).

The archive interface consists of several elements as indicated by the numbers 1-5 on the screenshot.

Here is a description of each design element:

  • (1) Toggle button — enables switching between different views (in case more than one document view was exported from Notes)

  • (2) View frame — displays all of the document categories in the currently selected view. Clicking on any of the categories here brings all the documents associated to that category in the document frame.

  • (3) Document frame — displays the archive's PDF documents which can be opened by double-clicking. Documents can be sorted by clicking on column headers.

  • (4) Search box — used to quickly locate a document in the current view.

  • (5) Metadata sidebar — displays the Notes document properties and document attachments

The documents that you export into Seascape archives will remain linked via file links in the same way as the Notes documents were linked via doclinks.

When you click on a link in a PDF record then the linked PDF record will be automatically opened (assuming that the linked PDF has also been exported and saved in the archive).

The Web Archive also supports cross-database links, so long as both of the databases have been exported to the same archive.

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