How to change default view in exported web archive

In order to change the default view in exported web archive, first thing you need to do is to find the views-list.js file which is located inside of db folder: DESTINATION_FOLDER\YOUR_DATABASE_ID\db. You can open it any text editor, it should look like this:

In this web archive the default view is "NFL\\Conferences". We can see that because the value of "is_default" is set to true. Let's say we want the view "NFL\\Superbowl stats" to be default. We need to change the value of "is_default" in the view "NFL\\Conferences" to false and set the value of "is_default" in the view "NFL\\Superbowl stats" to true. File views-list.js should now look like this:

Save the file, reopen your web archive in the browser and now when you open the database the default view will be "NFL\\Superbowl stats".

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