Export settings

The Export Settings enable you to configure the ways in which the different types of archives will be created.

You can find the export settings tab on the Settings page in your Seascape database.

You can create and save multiple different export configurations. The configurations can then be selected in the export settings dropdown list when you run your exports:

To create a new export configuration lick New export settings:

Next, select the archive type (Web Archive, SharePoint, or Extract to Disk), configure your export settings, and save the changes.

Here is an example of the Web Archive export settings page:

The SharePoint and the Export to Disk export settings also come with an additional option that allows you to configure the PDF file naming rules, using Notes formulas:

Note: If you choose to convert attachments to PDF, then you must also have MS Office installed on the same workstation on which Seascape is running.

The Advanced settings provide additional options for creation of PDF or metadata files:

  • Completely disable PDF conversion - The PDF files will not be created, but the metadata and attachments will be exported normally

  • Do not export document metadata file - The XML files will not be generated

  • Force PDF conversion even if PDF document already exists - PDF files will be generated for every Notes document, regardless of if the same document already exists in the destination folder. If left unchecked, Seascape will only overwrite the existing PDF files with a new version in cases the date/time of when the Notes document was last modified is newer than the date/time of the PDF file creation.

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