Add custom header/footer to PDF document

Swing PDF Converter supports Lotus Notes form header and footer data.

If Lotus Notes header/footer is used, than current document UNID should be provided to Swing PDF Converter settings:

swPdf.PDFSettings.HeaderFooterDocUNID = doc.Universalid

Also, custom header and footer can be added:

Custom header and footer is added to PDF document by providing document UNID that holds header and footer data to Swing PDF Converter.

Swing PDF Converter opens this document and looks for fields "SwHeaderBody" and "SwFooterBody".

Swing PDF Converter API package provides form "SwHeaderFooter" with embedded fields "SwHeaderBody" and "SwFooterBody".

Document with custom header/footer data can be created using this form and its UNID provided to Swing PDF Converter.

Alternatively, fields "SwHeaderBody" and "SwFooterBody" can be added to existing database form or appended to document that will be converted. UNID of document that holds header/footer fields must be provided to Swing PDF Converter through PDFSettings:

swPdf.PDFSettings.HeaderFooterDocUNID = headerfooterDoc.Universalid

Code Sample

Use "SwPDFMain"
Option Public
Option Declare

Sub Initialize()
Dim w As New NotesUIWorkspace, doc As NotesDocument, hfDoc As NotesDocument
Dim swPDF As New SwPDFCreator, swPDFDoc As SwPDFDocument, pdfErr As SwPDFError
Dim hfItem As NotesRichTextItem
Dim DestFilePath As Variant
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim dialogRes As string
On Error GoTo Ooops
If w.CurrentDocument.IsNewDoc Then
    MsgBox "Document must be saved first in order to convert it to a PDF.", 0+48, "WARNING"
    ' Get destination file path
    DestFilePath = w.SaveFileDialog(False, "Save document", "PDF Files (*.pdf)|*.pdf", "", "test.pdf")
    If Not IsEmpty(DestFilePath)Then
        If Dir$(DestFilePath(0)) <> "" Then
	    dialogRes = MessageBox(DestFilePath(0) & " already exists." & Chr$(13) & Chr$(10) & "Do you want to replace it?", 4, "Save document")
	        If dialogRes = 7 Then
		    Exit Sub
		    Kill DestFilePath(0)
		End If
	End If
    ' Procceed with PDF conversion
    ' Get currently opened Notes document
    Set doc = w.CurrentDocument.Document
    Set db = w.Currentdatabase.Database
    'Create new header/footer document
    Set hfDoc = db.Createdocument()
    hfDoc.Form = "SwHeaderFooter"
    'Create header RTF
    Set hfItem = hfDoc.Createrichtextitem("SwHeaderBody")
    'Add header value
    hfItem.Appendtext("Header Test")
    Set hfItem = Nothing
    'Footer RTF
    Set hfItem = hfDoc.Createrichtextitem("SwFooterBody")
    'Footer value
    hfitem.Appendtext("Footer Test")
    Set hfItem = Nothing
    'Add fields to enable H/F
    Set item = hfDoc.Replaceitemvalue("HFEnable", "1")
    Set item = Nothing
    Set item = hfDoc.Replaceitemvalue("HFDef", "1")
    Set item = Nothing

    Call hfDoc.Save(false, false, false)
    ' Initialize PDF creation process; license key is required
    If swPDF.Init("<LICENCE KEY GOES HERE>") Then
        swPDF.PDFSettings.IncludeAttachments = True
        'Apply header/footer doc to Swing PDF Converter
        swPDF.PDFSettings.HeaderFooterDocUNID = hfDoc.Universalid
        ' Convert doc to PDF
        Set swPDFDoc = swPDF.ProcessDocument(doc)
        If Not swPDFDoc Is Nothing Then
            ' Finally, save generated PDF to a file on disk
            Call swPDFDoc.SaveToFile(DestFilePath(0))
            MsgBox "PDF successfully created in " & DestFilePath(0)

	    ' There was an error in PDF conversion
	    Set pdfErr = swPDF.GetError()
	    MsgBox pdfErr.Message, 0+16, "ERROR"
	End If
        ' There was an error in PDF initialization
        Set pdfErr = swPDF.GetError()
        MsgBox pdfErr.Message, 0+16, "ERROR"
    End If
    'Remove H/F document after conversion
    If Not hfDoc Is Nothing Then
       Call hfDoc.Remove(true)
    End If
End If
End If
Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Error " & Error & " On line " & Erl
    Exit Sub
End Sub

Note: If you're instead looking for information on how to manage headers and footers in the PDF Converter user interface, please read the following article:

pageHow to add header and footer to a PDF document

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