Archiving job logs

An Archiving job log displays the progress and status information for each Archiving job initiated in your server installation of PDF Converter. In case an error occurs with a particular document during the archiving process, such a document can be easily located in the Archiving log in order to be processed again or sent to SWING Support for further troubleshooting.

In order to use the Archiving log, it first must be enabled in the General Settings of your SWING PDF Converter database (see below screenshot).

Once the Archiving log is enabled, the Archiving job reports will start appearing in the History Log section of your PDF Converter database (see below screenshot). The reports are categorized by Archiving job name and time/date.

Opening any of the reports will display the content of the server log for the given Archiving job. This log also includes further information about the processed documents and descriptions of any possible errors.

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