Conversion and error logs

The conversion log provides information on each conversion job initiated using the PDF toolbar icon. This information includes the number of selected documents in the conversion job, number of processed vs. failed documents, list of failed documents, a text file containing complete log and other relevant details.

In order to use the conversion log, it first must be enabled in the General Settings of your SWING PDF Converter database (see below screenshot).

Once the conversion log is enabled, the conversion job reports will start appearing in the History Log section of your PDF Converter database (see below screenshot). The reports are categorized by date and by user.

In case one or more selected documents failed to convert, the number of failed documents will be displayed in the report view (see below screenshot). For more detailed information on the conversion job, open the report document.

Each report contains all the relevant information about the documents that failed to convert during a particular conversion job, including a table showing a listing of the failed documents (see below screenshot). You can use this table to attempt converting the failed documents again (by hitting the Convert again button), or to locate the failed documents in your database (e.g. in order to send them to SWING Software support for further troubleshooting).

Also, clicking on any document in the above table will provide you with further information on the error which occurred, including a direct link to the failed document in the original Notes database or mailbox. The below screenshot shows an example report on a document which failed to convert (the link to the document in the original database is highlighted).

For convenience, the same error reports can also be found in the Errors view (see below screenshot) allowing you to locate and review errors faster.

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