How to convert a document collection using multiple alternate forms

For a quick introduction to using alternate forms in PDF Converter, check out the following article:
This example converts a document collection into a single PDF document.
Use "SwPDFMain"
Sub Click(Source As Button)
Dim w As New NotesUIWorkspace, s As New NotesSession, dc As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim swPDF As New SwPDFCreator, swPDFDoc As SwPDFDocument, pdfErr As SwPDFError
Dim DestFilePath As Variant
' Get documents selection from view
Set dc = s.CurrentDatabase.UnprocessedDocuments
If dc.Count > 0 Then
' Get destination file path
DestFilePath = w.SaveFileDialog(False, "Save document", "PDF Files (*.pdf)|*.pdf", "", "test.pdf")
If Not Isempty(DestFilePath)Then
If Dir$(DestFilePath(0)) <> "" Then
dialogRes = Messagebox(DestFilePath(0) & " already exists." & Chr$(13) & Chr$(10) & "Do you want to replace it?", 4, "Save document")
If dialogRes = 7 Then
Exit Sub
Kill DestFilePath(0)
End If
End If
' Procceed with PDF conversion
' Initialize PDF creation process; license key is required
If swPDF.Init("") Then
If dc.Count = 1 Then
' Convert doc to PDF
Set swPDFDoc = swPDF.ProcessDocument(dc.GetFirstDocument)
' Set alternate forms
Dim temp (2) As String
temp(0)= "TestForm1|altTestForm1"
temp(1) = "TestForm2|altTestForm2"
swPDF.PDFSettings.AlternateFormsCol = temp
Set swPDFDoc = swPDF.ProcessDocCollection(dc, w.CurrentView.ViewName)
End If
If Not swPDFDoc Is Nothing Then
' Finally, save generated PDF to a file on disk
Call swPDFDoc.SaveToFile(DestFilePath(0))
Msgbox "PDF successfully created in " & DestFilePath(0)
' There was an error in PDF conversion
Set pdfErr = swPDF.GetError()
Msgbox pdfErr.Message, 0+16, "ERROR"
End If
' There was an error in PDF initialization
Set pdfErr = swPDF.GetError()
Msgbox pdfErr.Message, 0+16, "ERROR"
End If
End If
Msgbox "You must select at least one document.", 0+48, "WARNING"
End If
End Sub