Disabling access for non-administrators


PDF Converter is installed on a server from where the PDF toolbar icon installation emails are distributed to end-users. Once a user starts converting documents using the toolbar icon, a PDF Converter database bookmark is added to their Notes workspace. SInce all end-users need to have a minimum of a Editor access privilege on the PDF Converter database, they therefore also have the ability to access the server installation of PDF Converter (using the bookmark) and to send out installation emails on their own.


The PDF Converter database has no security model set but customers can freely modify it in a way which provides for their specific needs. In order to block non-administrators from sending the PDF toolbar icon installation emails to other users you need to perform an access check in the PDF Converter database. Open the database in Domino Designer and edit the QueryOpen event of the .ToolbarDistribution form as follows:

Sub Queryopen(Source As Notesuidocument, Mode As Integer, Isnewdoc As Variant, Continue As Variant)
 Dim s As New NotesSession
 If s.CurrentDatabase.QueryAccess<5 Then
  Msgbox "You are not allowed to access this part of application. Only designers and managers can acess this part of SWING PDF Converter"
  Exit Sub
 End If
End Sub

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