Single-Click Exports

SWING PDF Converter provides a Single-Click export capability with its toolbar add-on.

The Single-Click feature allows users to select documents or emails, and convert them as PDF files in a pre-determined folder with just one click on the PDF Converter's toolbar icon.

Here are the instructions for enabling the Single-Click feature for your users.

2. Add a new user role in your PDF Converter database called 'SingleClick'. Then assign this role to all users who will be using the Single-Click feature.

3. Open the General Settings in the PDF Converter database, enable the Single-Click feature, and enter a file naming formula for the PDF files. Note that if the entered formula does not result with a valid file name, then the PDF files will be saved using the document ID.

4. With the above steps completed, the users with the "Single-Click" role can not being exporting Notes documents to PDF files.

When a user attempts to run an export for the first time, they will be asked to select a destination folder and the conversion settings.

After saving the initial settings, the users can proceed to export Notes documents or email by simply selecting them and hitting the PDF toolbar icon.

5. If a user wishes to change their destination folder or the conversion settings at any time, they will need to open the PDF Converter database on the Domino server, and edit the settings using the Single-Click conversion menu:

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