Using alternate forms

When the document forms are too complex or some fields do not show up in the generated PDF file, then it is recommended to build a simpler Notes form (i.e. an alternate form) which will be used instead of the default Notes document form during conversions. Using alternate forms is recommended when:

  • Documents are not converted properly due to a complex form design.

  • You want to have a document layout that is more suitable for PDF documents, as opposed to using the default Notes document layout.

  • You want other document data to be displayed in the PDF output (which is otherwise not visible in Notes) or compose a PDF document programmatically.

Using alternate forms can in some cases also improve on conversion speed.

Here are the instructions to set up an alternate form called AltMailMemo which can be used instead of the default email Memo form (click on any of the images for a bigger display):

1. In Domino Designer, create a new form AltMailMemo and save the form in your SWING PDF Converter database.

2. In your SWING PDF Converter database, click on the Form Settings link (1) in the Administration menu and then the New Form Setting button (2).

3. A new Form Settings document will open (see below image) in which you need to do the following:

  • Select the database where the original layout form is stored (1) or select the Any database option

  • Enter the name of the default Form for a Notes document (2). In this example, the name of the default form is Memo

  • In the Format document using alternate forms field (3), select the altMailMemo form that was saved in your SWING PDF Converter database in step one. Note that you can also select multiple different forms in this field if needed.

4. In the remaining fields of the Form Settings document, set up a naming convention and the PDF document properties for the PDF files which will be created using the altMailMemo form (optional). Some examples of common Notes formulas used for generating PDF file names are available here:

pageHow to set up a custom naming convention for PDF files

5. Once completed, save and close the Form Settings document. Now, when a new conversion job is started on emails create using the Memo form, the conversion dialog will show another option to create the PDF files using the altMailMemo form (see below image).

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