Numerous "Trust to..." prompts appearing

Issue description:

A PDF Converter database was installed on a server and signed with the Server ID. Then the PDF toolbar icon installation email was sent to some end-users. Upon installing the toolbar icon in their Notes clients the end-users receive numerous prompts asking them if they wish to trust the current signer.


Such prompts will appear if the signer of the PDF Converter database is not registered in the end-users' ECL list (ECL entries may be viewed under File->Security->User security menu). In order to disable such prompts you may do any of the following:

  • Instruct the end-users to add the signer to their ECL and to allow access to: File System, Network, External Code, External Programs, Current database, Environment Variables, Send Mail, Export Data, Read Other Databases, Modify Other databases.

  • Propagate a server policy which will perform the same task as above.

  • Sign the PDF Converter database with an ID that the end-users already have in their ECL (but you must ensure that this ID has sufficient rights to run unrestricted agents).

As a final alternative, the end-users may also continue to confirm the alerts until the ECL list gradually gets updated on its own through these alerts. It is important that the user selects the "Trust this signer to execute this action" option so that the PDF converter can continue to function properly.