SWING PDF Converter provides several settings used for managing the product deployment and how the PDF files will be generated.

The General Settings are used for managing error and conversion logs, client or server-side deployment, handling of protected content and other general settings.

The PDF Settings are used to control the way in which PDF files will be generated. They include options to manage the PDF document layout and formatting, attachments, headers and footers, document security, watermarks and image resolution.

The Toolbar Icon Settings specify the default ways in which PDF documents will be generated when running conversion jobs in particular views or with particular Notes forms (using the toolbar icon). They also allow you to customize or localize the text which appears during various stages of conversion jobs.

The Document Repositories settings are used to create a connection to MS SharePoint / Office 365.

Note: The General Settings and the PDF Settings apply to all conversion jobs (whether they have been started using the toolbar icon or by using the archiving jobs). The Document Repositories settings apply only to the archiving jobs and the client-side manual upload tool.

For more information on each of these settings, please visit the pages in this section.

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