Installing PDF Converter toolbar icon for multiple users

This article provides step-by-step instructions for performing a distributed installation of the SWING PDF Converter toolbar icon in end-users' Notes clients.

1. Download the file, unzip it, and save the extracted PDFConverter.nsf file in your Domino Data directory.

2. Sign the PDFConverter.nsf database with your server’s ID using your Domino Administrator.

3. Open the PDFConverter.nsf database. You will be prompted to enter your license key in order to activate your license. Copy/paste the license key you obtained from the vendor and click OK.

4. In the Toolbar Icon Installation section select the users from your Address Book who will be installing the SWING PDF Converter toolbar icon and click on the Send button (click on the image for a bigger display).

5. Each selected recipient will now receive an email containing an installation hotspot and the instructions for the recipient. Clicking the hotspot will trigger the installation procedure and after completion the recipient will be asked to restart Notes. After a restart, the PDF toolbar icon becomes available in the Notes toolbar and the user can start using the product.

Note: With the release of IBM Notes 9, the toolbar (which among other icons also contains the SWING PDF Converter's toolbar icon) is by default hidden in the read-mode, therefore the end-users may not see it after following the installation instructions sent by email.

The default installation email also contains instructions on how to show the SWING PDF Converter toolbar icon (by selecting View in the IBM Notes 9 Workspace and un-checking the Show Toolbars Only When Editing option).

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