Error - swllrend.dll corrupted or not extracted

When the low-level rendering feature of SWING PDF Converter is enabled (in General Settings or in the API settings), SWING PDF Converter will attempt to copy a swllrend.dll file to your Notes installation directory (or the Notes data directory) during conversion jobs.

The DLL file is used to provide enhanced PDF conversion quality. If the DLL file gets corrupted or if it is not extracted properly during a conversion job, it can be added to the Notes installation or the Notes data directory manually.

Two types of DLL file are available, 32-bit and 64-bit.

32-bit DLL

The 32-bit DLL is used on all versions of Lotus Notes and also on 32-bit Domino Server. You can download the most recent version of the 32-bit DLL file below (zipped).

Depending on the version of PDF Converter and the Notes client you're using, you'll need to copy the DLL file to one of following locations:

  • For version 6.13 of PDF Converter or higher running in a standard Notes client, copy the DLL file to the SwPDFC\Libs folder, which is located in \SwPDFC\Libs

  • For any version of PDF Converter running in an ICAA/HCAA client, copy the DLL file to the ICAA/HCAA client installation folder (typically in C:\Program files(x86)\HCL\HCAA)

64-bit DLL

The 64-bit DLL is used only on 64-bit Domino Servers (it cannot be used on the client side). You can download the most recent version of the 64-bit DLL file below (zipped).

After downloading the file, you will need to rename it to swllrend.dll and copy it to both the SwPDFC\Libs folder and to your Domino installation folder.


If your Domino is running on Linux then you will need to download the file and not the Windows DLL file. The file is the Linux variant of the low-level rendering engine

You can download the most recent version of the file below.

After downloading the file you will need to copy it to your Linux Domino Server installation directory (typically in /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/latest/linux).


  • All instances of Notes software should be closed before the new DLL is copied to the Notes installation / data folder.

  • If needed, the DLL file can also be found and copied from the SWExternalResources form in SWING PDF Converter database (the form can be accessed using Domino Designer).

  • If you don't have a system permission to copy the DLL file to the Notes/Domino installation folder, please contact your Administrator.

  • If the low-level rendering feature is disabled (Settings > General Settings > Enable low level document rendering > No), then PDF Converter will NOT attempt to copy the DLL file to your system. Nota that in that case the PDF rendering quality may be somewhat lesser when you are converting Notes application documents. However the conversion of emails will remain unaffected since the emails are processed using a different method altogether.

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