How to reduce the PDF file size

The following are the ways in which the size of the PDF files created by SWING PDF Converter can be reduced:

1. Disable import of external resources, by setting the Enable HTTP stream option in General Settings to No. When disabled, SWING PDF Converter will not download external resources (e.g. HTML images stored on a remote location) thus resulting with smaller PDF file sizes (for those documents which contain external resources).

2. Disable export of Notes metadata in PDF Settings (the General tab).

3. Disable export of attachments to PDF, or enable export of attachments outside of the PDF file (in PDF Settings, the Attachments tab).

4. Disable font embedding in PDF Settings (the Fonts tab). Disabling font embedding is only recommended if the Notes documents do not contain any international character sets (e.g. German, French, Chinese etc.).

5. Enable the Oversized image compression option in PDF Settings (the General tab) and set it to a preferred resolution (e.g. 72dpi for best compression). The PDF file size can be reduced considerably for such Notes documents that contain high-resolution images.

6. Create and use Alternate Notes forms which will be optimized for PDF rendering. The alternate form should be created in such a way so as to not display the information that is not required in the PDF file, thus reducing the PDF file size.

All of the above options are also configurable in SWING PDF Converter's API.

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