Archiving jobs

The SWING PDF Converter's automated archiving feature provides a way of converting Notes documents or emails in selected databases to PDF format without manual intervention.

The PDF files created in this way can be saved in a network shared folder or in a third-party document repository such as SharePoint, Alfresco etc.

In order to run an archiving job, you'll need to create a new archiving job configuration document and select the following job parameters:

  1. Source content (the databases or mailboxes that are to be processed, and optionally specific folders/views within such databases)

  2. Output settings (the location where the generated PDF files will be saved, such as a shared network folder or a supported third-party document repository)

  3. Conversion settings (e.g. PDF page size settings, attachment settings, metadata settings etc.)

  4. Schedule (an Archiving may run on a schedule (e.g. daily) or it may be started manually)