How to use the conversion dialog

When you click on the SWING PDF Converter's toolbar icon, the conversion dialog will appear which allows you to select the content to be exported, the alternate PDF rendering forms (if defined), and the conversion settings.

Once you've selected the appropriate options, click Create PDF in order to start the conversion job:

Note that the Export from View drop-down menu (seen in the above image) changes dynamically depending on your Notes context at the time you click the toolbar icon (e.g. if you selected one or more documents, didn't select anything etc.).

Selecting an option in this drop-down menu may also cause some additional menus to appear on the dialog (such as a folder/category selection link, another drop-down menu for selecting PDF output type and some option buttons). Depending on what you wish to export from your Notes view, the below schematic provides you with information on what action needs to be taken in the Notes view prior to clicking the PDF toolbar icon, as well as what options need to be selected in the Export from View drop-down menu.

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